Imagine the possibilities. You can help us make them reality.

The needs are pressing. Maine’s volunteer sector needs our help. A general donation to MVF strengthens the ability of Volunteer Maine, the state service commission, to support training and professional development of volunteer leaders. Plus, it opens more doors for those who choose to embark on a year of service through programs like AmeriCorps. Will you pitch in, too?

Let’s think big


A non-governmental program that supports young adults who want to serve their country for a year by helping a Maine community tackle a significant challenge.

That is Service Year and Maine Service Year Fellows. The Service Year approach offers a low-barrier option to nonprofit agencies that are not ready or could not qualify for AmeriCorps support. It also frees communities from federal constraints and increases opportunities to be responsive to local conditions. And, importantly, Service Year gives rural communities a way to act on AmeriCorps research that shows young adults who move to Maine for service tend to stay as residents when their obligation is complete.

$235,000 will support a two-year pilot that will provide at least 10 rural, small organizations with a non-governmental option to host full-time, stipend, 12-month Service Year Fellows.


Maine community programs able to take volunteer services to scale. They have increased their human resources with minimal added expense.

They retooled their operations to engage skilled volunteers in all aspects of their operations. They became a Service Enterprise, a research-based organizational change process that helps agencies become efficient and effective through volunteer engagement. Every $1 they invest in volunteer engagement returns $6 on that investment. Help bring Service Enterprise to rural Maine.

$24,000 will help at least 20 Maine private and public organizations complete the training and coaching program that helps them look at internal staff capacity in a new way and expand that capacity by strategically engaging volunteers.


Experienced managers of volunteers able to hone their human resource management skills and knowledge by taking a course based on the advance competencies for managers of volunteers. Such training is not currently available in Maine.

A one-time contribution of $15,000 will finance creation of the online advanced course in volunteer management. The curriculum, based on the advanced level competencies for managers of volunteers, was developed by the Volunteer Maine and used in a classroom setting.

The Commission’s online novice level course has demonstrated this environment can overcome geographic and financial barriers to training among managers of volunteers. Over the past three years, 95 managers of volunteers have enrolled in the novice course.

Other opportunities

If you would like to invest in the capacity and sustainability of Maine’s volunteer sector, there are opportunities not highlighted here. Contact the Maine Volunteer Foundation to discuss your interests and help keep this part of our community life vibrant!